Profesional Lines.

Aimed at business and professional requirements of a traffic volume information and more. They are high traffic lines and require higher performance .

In addition to the lines offered by Datono, we can provide greater with flow lines and services much larger. Of course this type of lines and services are performed under a study and a project by our technicians. Likewise, and in this type of services, Datono offers the possibility of long-distance links for communication companies, offices, warehouses, etc. We can configure the service to suit you.

IP Telephony and IP PBX ( telephone solutions )

IP telephony has lower prices than traditional analog telephony, allows a wider range of services. The IP core can be set extensions and prefixes local numbers anywhere in the world .

hostpot telefonia IP


Interconnections offices in different locations ( VPN )

You can establish connections between different venues technically which are in different locations. Technically while other network operators can perform virtual connection (VPN) between both venues concentration allowing servers to share data and even share internet from one office to another.


Internet access on developments (Wirelees)

Many of the housing developments in recent years have lack of internet bandwidth, even some do not even servicio. We can give them a hiring solution bandwidth at a point near and establish a point to point connection to the developments for able to service.

Video surveillance perimeter home or business

The address of a company or the homeowners can implement a video surveillance system with cameras that allow you to visually monitor your home or business, can also record all events that these cameras detected.

HotSpot and IP telephony hotel (Wirelees)

Technology that allows hotels to provide service to its customers while allowing them to connect a wireless network throughout the hotel including rooms for free or pay as you set the direction of the business.

Community Internet access in homes (Wirelees)

Bandwidth sharing throughout the community in this way can save about 30 € per household per month. Power management system to include each neighbor has your password, pudiéndole deny the same to neighboring defaulting on community contributions.

Expand WiFi coverage of your business or home (Wirelees)

Much of the equipment Wirelees (WIFI) installed by the operator (Telefónica , ONO, ...) serves us not give coverage to the entire home or office. Installing a router-extender transmitter signal permitting him across the office or home is welcome.

Point to point (Wirelees))

Power by joining two properties could be attached inalámbrico. Technically link two offices in the same location but at different locations (buildings) and even from home to establish a direct connection to the office server.